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General News Adobe introduces Liquid mode for PDFs: All you need to know

[Image: unnamed.jpg]

Adobe has launched a new Liquid mode for PDFs, which will make it easier for you to read documents on mobile. The newly added Liquid mode will automatically reformat text, images, and tables for quick navigation and consumption on small screens. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning in the background to understand and identify parts of a PDF, like headings, paragraphs, images, lists, tables, and more. Also Read - Microsoft Edge now the second most popular web browser, says study

Adobe says that the Liquid mode also understands the hierarchy and order of those parts to reformat a static PDF into a more dynamic and customizable experience. The company is saying that the feature simultaneously creates an intelligent outline, collapsible and expandable sections, and searchable text for quick navigation. Users can even tailor font size and spacing between words, characters, and lines to suit their specific reading preferences. This is especially useful for those who may see the text as too small, squished together, tight, or jumbled. Also Read - Microsoft Edge web browser gets new PDF features


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