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General News Antarctica snow turns blood red in viral pictures.

[Image: red-algae-1582977391.jpg]

An astounding set of images that shows Antarctica snow turning blood red is going viral. The said pictures are taken near a former British research station. The ice has apparently turned red due to microscopic algae that can survive in freezing temperatures. A Twitter user shared the images with the caption, "Shocking Images of Antarctica's Blood Red ice are an ominous sign of Climate change as water around the icy continent is increasingly heating up Mike Hudema."

The images were also released by Ukraine's Ministry of Education and Science on Facebook. The phenomenon is caused by microscopic snow algae when weather conditions are favourable during Antarctica's summer months.

Snow blossoms contribute to climate change. Because of the red-raspberry colour, the snow reflects less sunlight and melts faster. As a result, it produces more bright algae," a Facebook post by the ministry added.

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