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General News Attention Google Chrome users, this new tab feature will make your life easier

Chrome tabs: Google Chrome has now rolled out a new feature in its beta version and this feature can help users organise their work on the browser better. The feature is called tab groups and it allows users to simply group their tabs together for easier recognition. To group tabs together, users just have to right click on a tab, go on the option that says group tabs, choose whether they want to group the tab with an already existing group or create a new one altogether. Not just that, users can also label the group and assign it a colour.

The announcement was made by the tech giant in a statement released on May 13 on its blog. In the statement, the company said that they have been testing out the feature and trying to find other innovative ways to make Chrome tabs organised for months now. Based on user research and through the usage at their own levels, they have found several ways in which people like to group their tabs.

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