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General News End of the world? No, we live to fight another day as Mayan Calendar goes wrong again

[Image: aztec-195134-1920-1592114135.jpg]

Mayan Calendar, which predicted the end of the world for June 21, 2020, has been proven wrong again. The day was filled with extraordinary events like the Solar Eclipse 2020 and the Ring of Fire which was seen from several parts of the world, but the world in itself did not end of ending.

This is the second time Mayan Calendar has wrongly predicted the end of the world. Earlier, the calendar had predicted the end of the world for December 21, 2012, which also proved to be a hoax. This time, conspiracy theorists had claimed that the date was read wrongly in 2012 and that the real end of the world will be June 21, 2020.

So we live to fight another day.

We still have the regular problems at our hand though, biggest of them all at the moment seems to be the coronavirus pandemic that has infected over 9 million people worldwide and killed over 4.7 lakh.


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