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General News Facebook Messenger will now warn you of potential scams

Facebook on Thursday announced that its Messenger is getting a new safety feature to prevent people from harmful interactions and possible scams. In a statement, the social media giant said that the feature would cause safety notices to pop up in chats, and they will give tips on how to spot suspicious activities and block or ignore a person who might potentially cause harm to the user. It added that the rolling out of the feature for Android-based platforms had commenced in March, and next week, this feature would also be rolled out for iOS users across the globe.

The company said that it is coming with tools to preserve the privacy of its users without accessing the messages as it moves towards end-to-end encryption of chats over Messenger. Facebook said that this feature has been developed through machine learning which looks for signals like an adult sending friend requests to a lot of minors. Through this, the feature would be available and effective once the end-to-end encryption on Messenger kicks in.

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