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General News Facebook will now allow users to forward messages to only five contacts on Messenger

[Image: Screenshot_2020-09-04_at_9.22._1200x768....ze=770:433]

In a bid to curb the spread of fake news, Facebook has added a limit to forwarded messages on Messengers. Now, the users will not be able to forward messages to more than five people or groups at a time. Facebook had earlier rolled out the forwarding limit for WhatsApp that enabled users to forward messages to only one chat at a time. Prior to this, WhatsApp had also introduced a label “forwarded” with double arrows so that users can differentiate the original and the forwarded messages.

“As a part of our ongoing efforts to provide people with a safer, more private messaging experience, today we’re introducing a forwarding limit on Messenger, so messages can only be forwarded to five people or groups at a time. Limiting forwarding is an effective way to slow the spread of viral misinformation and harmful content that has the potential to cause real-world harm,” Jay Sullivan, Director of Product Management, Messenger Privacy, and Safety, said in a blog post.

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