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General News Google Duo adds capture mode and improved calling over low-bandwidth connection

Google Duo has emerged as a shining beacon in the search giant’s not so impressive social product portfolio. The success of Duo can be owed to the fact that it is a simple application that works as advertised. The cross-platform video calling application has emerged as a popular service during the lockdown. In order to make it better, Google has introduced a couple of new features. Last month, Duo gained support for group calling with a maximum participant count of 12 people. Now, it is making the platform even better with few new features.

The first feature and also the only one rolling out today is called capture mode. Google is adding a capture button to the app where users can take a photo of the current Duo call. This is interesting because it will allow you users to take photos and share them as memories on Instagram or Snapchat. The feature is a much needed improvement over the current method where people simply take screenshots. In order to take a photo of your current Duo call, you need to enable “Duo moments” in the settings.


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