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General News Google Maps Saved tab can now help people identify, remember places they often visit

Google Maps has introduced a new ‘Saved’ tab featuring carousels instead of top tabs, the company said in a blog post. The view of the carousel includes Recently saved as the first choice, followed by saved Nearby, Visited, and then Your lists. This update began rolling out for Google Maps yesterday, August 26, as per Google. The search giant said this would make identifying and remembering the places that mean the most to you “easier.”

According to Google’s blog post, the Saved tab has been updated to make it easier to access your saved locations, locations recently visited, and more. The Saved tab at the bottom before the update displayed Lists, Names, Reservations, Following, Visited, and Maps in the form of tabs that can be swiped through. The Saved tab after the update shows carousels for the above-listed options.

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