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General News Google Maps To Become More Accurate And Visually Appealing With New Update

[Image: google-maps-offline-india_635x476_41447929063.jpg]

Google Is unveiling its new visual upgrade which will add more appealing details and colours than the existing Google Maps service. The idea is to make it visually more appealing and easier for the users to understand what an area will eventually look like, wherever they are venturing towards from point A to Point B. Google is also working on updated street maps that will show the accurate shape and width of the road to scale. The updates will be available worldwide and will cover an array of natural and man-made features too.

Whether you are exploring a new place or gearing up to head around town, you can use Google Maps to see a more colourful, easy-to-understand representation of the world starting this week. To see natural features, zoom out on Google Maps," Sujoy Banerjee, Product Manager, Google Maps said in a blog post.

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