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General News Google Maps adds plug type filter for EV charging stations

Google always keeps incrementing its services using new features and enhancements. They always tend to make the services user-friendly and feature-rich by listening to users’ demands in real-time. On such a similar note, Google Maps has recently received a new filter to classify the Electronic Vehicles charging stations based on plug type. Google Maps adds filter of plug type for EV charging stations

The search giant finally paid heed to the users’ demand who own an electric vehicle. There are different types of charging connectors used by several car manufacturers. For example, Nissan use CHAdeMO, Tesla uses its connector, and the BMW and VW use CCS plug type for charging their cars. However, the users can choose from different plugs, including J1772, CCS (Combo 1), Type 2, CCS (Combo 2), CHAdeMO, and Tesla.

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