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General News Google Play Store removes over 800 creepware apps; what it means for Android users

Creepware on Google Play Store: Google has recently removed over 800 apps from its app store after the apps were classified as ‘creepware’ by researchers of stalkerware apps, according to reports. The researchers used a new algorithm called CreepRank, made to detect creep-like behaviour in mobile applications, to identify these creepware apps. The algorithm gives the apps it has analysed a “creep score” and after running the algorithm, researchers found that more than 1,000 apps could be categorised as creepware.

What is a creepware?
The apps which can be used to make interpersonal attacks have been classified as creepware by the researchers. Though not stalkerware or spyware, these apps can be used to stalk others or to threaten them directly or indirectly, the reports said.

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