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General News Google launches braille keyboard for Android devices..

Google launches braille keyboard for Android devices and it doesn't require additional hardware

Google has launched a braille keyboard for Android devices that’s designed especially for visually challenged users. In a blog post on Friday, the company said it has collaborated with braille developers and differently-able (blind and low vision) people for this keyboard. It can assure that the keyboard will be familiar to anyone who has typed using braille before. It uses a standard 6-key layout and each key represents one of 6 braille dots which, when tapped, make any letter or symbol.

“Over 150 years ago, the invention of braille was revolutionary in making reading and writing accessible to blind people. Today, braille displays make typing accessible on most phones and computers through a physical braille keyboard. But it can be time-consuming to connect an external device each time you want to type something quickly on your phone,” noted Google on its blog.

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