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General News How to smartly Read/Reply WhatsApp, Telegram messages with Google Assistant

Not so long ago, some folks have noticed a change in the behavior of Google Assistant such as it reads aloud our notifications when commanded. It’s simply a smart feature which Google rolled out to the Google Assistant on Android without much fanfare or prior announcement. More or less, it’s an indication of how Google has been diligently working to integrate popular messaging services to work with its suave Google Assistant.

[Image: logo-featured-google-assistant.jpg]

Here we’ll see how to make your Google Assistant on your Android device to read aloud the message notifications that you’ve in the notification bar. Note that, the Google Assistant can read the announcements from third-party applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Signal, WeChat, and so on. Earlier, it was only possible to read the notifications from Google stock apps such as Hangout or Android Messages.


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