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General News How to update Aadhaar card for children free of cost:..

How to update Aadhaar card for children free of cost: All you need to know about UIDAI's Baal Aadhaar

UIDAI has recently introduced ‘Baal Aadhaar,’ a blue-coloured Aadhaar card, for children below the age of 5 years. The Aadhaar enrollment for children is quite similar to that of adults. For this, you need to take your child to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre and fill in the enrollment form. The Aadhaar card for a child or ‘Baal Aadhaar’ will be issued free of cost. There will be no biometric data captured in case of children below 5 years of age.

A child’s Aadhaar number will be issued by taking into reference the UID of his/her parents. However, it will be required for the child upon turning 5 years and 15 years to update his/her demographic data-biometrics of ten fingers, facial photo, and iris scan.

The child will have to get his/her biometrics updated upon turning 5 years and 15 years. This will be absolutely free, and no document is required for getting biometrics updated.

Aadhaar card for children: How to apply

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