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General News Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is a cheaper smart clock with Google Assistant

[Image: Lenovo-Smart-Clock-Essential-1.png]

To make it more affordable, Lenovo has swapped the color display of the larger model for a LED-like panel that displays real-time information including the date, time, temperature, and weather. Since this is not a color display, you do not need to worry about bezels. The rest of the design doesn’t deviate from that of the Lenovo Smart Clock.

The speaker is wrapped in fabric with 3D buttons at the top. You can use the buttons to control playback and also to set the time. The back is where the power jack is in addition to the mute button and a USB-A output port for charging your devices. The white plastic around the ports is actually a night light that allows you to see in the dark so you don’t have to turn on the lights in the room.

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