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General News Netflix Lets You Set Reminders For Upcoming Movies or Shows, But Only on The TV

Netflix does not want you to forget about the TV shows you showed interest in at some point in the not too distant past. The most popular streaming service globally is updating the Netflix app for smart TVs, to now have a “Latest” section. This will include all the trailers for upcoming shows and movies. Users can enable the option to be reminded about any of these shows which they find interesting, once the show or the movie is released. These notifications should be handy reminders in case you forget that there is a show you wish to watch but may not have realized that its episodes are now available.

At present, Netflix will be rolling this out for the smart TV apps such as the ones for Android TV and Samsung’s smart TVs, apps on streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV and the Netflix app on gaming consoles including the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. It is not clear when the smartphone apps will get this same tab.


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