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General News Sun TV Network puts Marathi GEC launch on hold due to economic slowdown

MUMBAI: Sun TV Network has put the launch of its proposed Marathi GEC Sun Marathi on hold due to the slowdown in the economy.

The channel with an estimated investment of Rs 150 crore was expected to launch by end of the calendar year 2019. The company’s management had indicated that the launch of Sun Marathi might get delayed.

“See, that is because of the kind of situation which now exists. Because we all had our view of the Indian economy booming and firing on all cylinders, so we are treading with caution now. We’re unlikely to go and make a big splash at this point in time. So — well, please wait until we — you’ll hear from us. For the time being, it’s put on hold,” Sun TV Network Group CFO SL Narayanan told analysts during Q1 earnings conference call when queried about the delay in Sun Marathi launch.


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