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General News Tech Tips: How to block (and unblock) someone on Facebook

Facebook was created with the mission of "bringing world closer together". This means that people get to interact with their family and friend and find new friends based on their likes and dislikes and preferences among other things. But many-a-times you stumble across the wrong kind of people on the popular social networking platform. Many-a-times you meet stalkers who harass you online. Many-a-time you meet bullies who tend to harm and harass you on mentally on social media. Many-a-times you simply don't want to some people.

So what would you do? What do you do when you meet bullies, harassers or people who you believe are toxic for your health? You block them.

But with Facebook introducing so many features and tools every day, it is easy to get lost finding the right set of controls. So here are a bunch of easy steps using which you can block someone on Facebook:

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