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General News What is Cloud Storage? Things you should know

[Image: 20201113_124648_0000_425_735.webp]

Cloud Storage as a solution for data storage needs has been present for quite some time but with the latest announcement of Google where it wants to the consumers to pay for using its clouds post the free limit, consumers will want to check options.

Defining the Cloud storage, the basic concept here is to store your data on a remote data server that is managed by a third party but is not accessible physically by the user itself. The server in which you store your data is itself typically stored in a spaceship-sized warehouse. This doesn't mean that the third party can access your data but we'll get to that in a bit.

This server can be accessed only by online means, meaning when you are connected to the internet, only then you can send or retrieve files to and from that server.

Now that you know the basic concept, it will be much easier to understand the further information.

The data you store on the cloud is encrypted meaning that no one can have access to that data, not even the cloud provider itself. It cannot be accessed unless a hacker steals your credentials for logging into the Cloud but that's a whole different story.

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