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General News World's fastest internet speed achieved: Do you know how?

[Image: internet-speed-test_425_735.jpg]

Tech Researchers from the University College London (UCL) in the UK have achieved data transmission speeds that can download the entire Netflix library in 1 second, or maybe even less than that.

The data transmission rate of 178 terabits (178,000,000 megabits a second) per second was achieved by the research team led by Dr Lidia Galdino, where she worked with 2 more companies namely Xtera and KDDI research.

How was the speed achieved?

This speed was achieved by transmitting the data through a much wider range of wavelength than what is currently being used in normal optical fibre technology.

Different amplifier technologies were used to boost the signal power and strength through the wider wavelength which amplified the signal even more.

This speed is two times the speed of any system that is currently being used in the world. It is 5 times faster than the speed of 150 tbps which previously held the world record.

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