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General News Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunds the Deerma Sweep/Mop Integrated Mop

Xiaomi has launched a new product under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. The new product is the Deerma Sweep/Mop-Integrated Mop with a crowdfunding price of 79 yuan (~$11). The product will adopt a retail price of 99 yuan (~$14) after the crowdfunding exercise.

[Image: deerma-mop.jpg]

The Deerma Sweep/Mop-Integrated Mop is designed to be able to achieve the easy conversion of the sweeper and water spray mop, making cleaning as easy as walking. Every time you clean, your hands do not need to directly have contact with sources of contamination in order to maintain good hand hygiene. With the Deerman mop, all just need to do is push the mop and collect garbage while sweeping and with the water spray, you can disinfect the floor while mopping.


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