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General News Xiaomi Youpin launched the Elite Keyboard and Mouse, with Voice Input support

The Elite Mouse from Miyu uses a special button design that reduces the sound made during use. It also supports a double clicking “transfrom” feature which makes it more portable. For dimensions, the thickness of the mouse is 28.3mm in its normal state while the in the professional mode, the thickness can be raised by up to 10mm to improve grip.

[Image: 20200225_110648_92.jpg]

The mouse also supports 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth wireless dual mode technology as well. In other words, users can click once on the front function button to choose between the different connection modes and double click on the same to switch between the different modes of the Elite Mouse. It is powered by a 510mAh battery and the company has officially claimed that it can be used for about 15 days in a single full charge.

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