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General News Xiaomi Youpin launches a 5-port Charger with 94W power rating

Xiaomi Youpin has officially unveiled a C-bit, high-energy charger with a power rating of 94W and five output ports. The charger is designed to serve as a portable companion to charge multiple devices at the same time. The charger is compatible with several gadgets like electronics products such as notebooks, smartphones etc. It is manufactured to conform with British, European and US regulations. It adopts an affordable price of 249 yuan ($36).

[Image: xiaomi-charger.jpg]

The C-bit high-energy charger comes with three USB-C high-power output ports and two USB-A ports. It has a power rating of 96W and a peak value of 105W. The main USB-C port can continuously output 60W which can effectively charge most devices. The second USB-C port supports 18W charging.


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