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General News Xiaomi announces ZMI Smart Alarm Clock Speaker

Xiaomi’s Ecological chain company Zimi has just announced the ZMI alarm clock speaker earlier today (31st December 2019). It is the company’s latest product and supports a variety of functions and Xiaomi support.

The ZMI alarm clock speaker features a round hemispherical design philosophy with a flat front panel for its display. The front is a pure black display that displays information in plain white texts. The main body is seen in white in the pictures but will also be available in other colors as well.

Specifications & Features
According to official notes, the ZMI alarm clock speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 technology for connectivity. It is equipped with a built-in NdFeB internal magnetic horns and has a battery life rated to last for up to 72 hours in a single full charge. The ZMI smart alarm clock is capable of being a program with up to 30 different alarm clocks and can be woken up with one click. Notably, it also supports Xiao AI to enhance the user experience via the speakers.


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