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General News Xiaomi crowdfunds the MIJIA Instant Water Dispenser C1 for 199 yuan ($28)

Xiaomi continues to churn out products under its crowdfunding platform. The latest is the MIJIA Instant Water Dispenser C1 which will be up for sale of Xiaomi Youpin from December 25 for 199 yuan ($28). After the crowdfunding exercise, the gadget will retail for 249 yuan ($35).

[Image: xiaomi-water-dispenser-2.jpg]

Unlike the long waiting process of traditional water dispensers, MIJIA Instant Water Dispenser C1 has a high power of 2200W and supports 3 seconds of rapid heating. This will make it easy to get hot drinking water promptly when needed. The dispenser comes with a 2.5L large-capacity water tank which when filled with water once can meet the daily drinking needs of 2-3 people without any need to repeatedly add water.


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