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General News Xiaomi launches the Ocooker dual-stove Induction Cooker priced at 1499 yuan (~$214)

[Image: xiaomi-dual-stove-induction-cooker.jpg]

Xiaomi Youpin has launched an induction cooktop with double-headed induction cooker design. The cooker dubbed OCooker dual-stove Induction Cooker uses an integrated microcrystalline panel design, cooks without fire, and can hold two pots at the same time. This model is priced at 1499 yuan($214).

The product as a dimension of 700x400x56mm and is suitable for the standard 16A socket. It adopts the safe and no-flame heating method to adapt to a variety of pots. You no longer need to worry about the pots or walls being smoked black and you also enjoy the fun of cooking.

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