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Update CA issues unreserved apology to Team India following racial abuse from crowd at SCG

Cricket Australia issues unreserved apology to Team India following racial abuse from crowd at SCG

[Image: cricket-australia-apology-1610255362.jpg]

Cricket Australia has issued an unreserved apology to the Indian cricket team after racist abuse from the crowd at the Sydney Cricket Ground towards the members of the visiting side.

On Saturday, Mohammed Siraj and Jasprit Bumrah were targeted with racial abuse by a section of the crowd at SCG. After Siraj faced further abuse from the crowd on Sunday, the security officials removed six fans from the stadium.

This followed a statement from Cricket Australia on their official website. 

"Cricket Australia condemns in the strongest terms possible all discriminatory behaviour," said Sean Carroll, Cricket Australia’s Head of Integrity and Security.

“If you engage in racist abuse, you are not welcome in Australian cricket.

"CA is awaiting the outcome of the International Cricket Council’s investigation into the matter reported at the SCG on Saturday. Once those responsible are identified, CA will take the strongest measures possible under our Anti-Harassment Code, including lengthy bans, further sanctions and referral to NSW Police.

"As series hosts, we unreservedly apologise to our friends in the Indian cricket team and assure them we will prosecute the matter to its fullest extent."

Venues New South Wales' Chief Executive Kerrie Mather said that the CCTV footage was reviewed to assist the ICC investigation.


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