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Update DRS has improved umpiring: Steve Bucknor

[Image: i-am-not-certain-if-it-affect.jpg]

Former international umpire, Steve Bucknor, reinforced the importance of technology (DRS) and the evolution of it over the years which has done more good than not for the sport. In his opinion, umpires better themselves via the use of technology and urges the ones against the use of it to "have a rethink".

"I am not certain if it affects the confidence of umpires, but I know it has improved umpiring," Bucknor said on the Mason and Guests radio programme in Barbados. "It has improved umpiring because there was a time when we were saying the batsman was so-called playing down the line, therefore he is not going to be given out leg before, but if the technology is saying the ball is hitting, then you have to give him out. So, we learn from technology.

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