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Update Google bans six apps on Play Store

Privacy breaches and Security risks have become a daily activity in the tech world. And yet, another breach is being faced by Android users, but Google has come to the rescue.

Google recently banned 6 apps on Play Store that were secretly installing hidden spyware and premium dialers on to the Android devices that installed those apps.

The malware behind the breach is 'Joker'. Yes you heard it right. The 'Joker Malware' can prove to be very dangerous for your devices if it successfully achieves for which it has been planted for.

The security team at Pradeo are the ones who discovered the breach and identified 6 apps as a threat. These apps were Safety AppLock, Convenient Scanner 2, Emoji Wallpaper, Push Message - Texting & SMS, FingerTip Gamebox, and Separate Doc Scanner.

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