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Update Google to Replace Duo with Meet

Google is planning to replace Duo, one of its popular video calling service, with one of its other video calling service, Meet. The primary reason to merge Meet and Duo is avoid having two video calling apps in the portfolio. The decision has been taken by Javier Soltero, Head G Suite, Google.

Some of the reports say that Javier Soltero told employees that coexistence of Duo and Meet doesn't make any sense. This left Google Duo's team shocked. Though a lot of features were added to Duo since its release, it will no longer exist after this merger and the team working on it will handle the development of Meet.

As per a statement by Google, Meet is growing at an incredible rate with over 3 million new users per day compared to10 million per week on Duo. 9to5Google report suggests some of the key features like end-to-end encryption and 3D effects will be brought over from Duo to Meet. Google has also shared the roadmap of features that will be coming to Meet to benefit the education system. The report also tells that the development of Duo has significantly slowed down.

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