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Update International season in New Zealand gets government green light

[Image: new-zealand-have-postponed-the.jpg]

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has received the requisite permissions from the government to host its international summer later this year. West Indies and Pakistan have been confirmed to tour, with the detailed schedule set to be announced next week.

New Zealand's tour of Australia though, which was penned in for January next year, has been postponed. New Zealand were slated to tour in January for three ODIs and a lone T20I but NZC CEO David White said that the mandatory quarantine would be a "challenge" for both teams.

"That 14-day managed isolation at both sides of the Tasman is a challenge," White said. "We've worked with Cricket Australia on that...will be fulfilling our obligations the following year."

White was chuffed with the prospects of hosting international cricket. "It's a huge boost for us. It's our financial lifeline. International cricket funds the whole game of cricket in New Zealand. It's very important for us," White said.

For teams coming to them this summer, White confirmed that NZC would be footing the bills for their mandatory isolation, with only international flight costs being covered by the visiting teams -- as is the norm.

There's little clarity at the moment if the home summer will in fact see crowds at the grounds at all, but White said that even the worst-case scenario of playing in empty stadiums won't be a deal-breaker.

"It would be great to have crowds. But it's not a deal-breaker for us. Hopefully we're at Level 1 and we're having crowds. But if we're at Level 2 we can still proceed," White said.


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