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Update TV umpires to call front-foot no-balls in ICC trial

[Image: i?img=%2Fi%2Fcricket%2Fcricinfo%2F119685...format=jpg]

TV umpires may soon become the sole adjudicators of front-foot no-balls if planned ICC trials prove successful.

The ICC will identify a number of limited-overs series over the next six months in which to implement a system where the TV umpire - and not the on-field umpires - will call no-balls for overstepping. The system has been trialled before, notably in the ODI series between England and Pakistan in 2016 but it will be rolled out on a much broader scale this time.

"Broadly, yes [the same technology as 2016 will be used]," Geoff Allardice, the ICC's general manager cricket operations told ESPNcricinfo. "The idea is the third umpire will be presented an image of the front-foot landing within a few seconds. He would communicate to the on-field umpire that a no ball has been delivered, so every delivery on the field would be played as a fair delivery until called otherwise."

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