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Update Tips: Vehicle Parking at one place for Long duration

If you need to park your vehicle in one place for a Long Duration, following care is to be taken

1. Park the vehicle in covered, dry and if possible well-ventilated premises. Engage a gear.

2. Remove the battery terminal cables (first remove the cable from the negative terminal.

3. Block the wheel or engage in the gear mode.

4. Clean and protect the painted parts using protective wax.

5. Clean and protect the shiny metal parts using commercial available special compounds.

6. Sprinkle talcum powder on the rubber windscreen wiper and lift them off the glass.

7. Slightly open the windows.

8. Cover the vehicle with a cloth or perforated plastic sheet. Do not use sheets of imperforated plastc as they do not allow moisture on the vehicle body to eveaporate.

9. Inflate the tyres to 0.5 bar above the normal specified pressure and check it at regular intervals.

10.Check the battery charge every six weeks

11. Do not drain the engine cooling system.

(As recommended by Tata Motors)
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