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Update Wade calls for consistency in DRS decisions

[Image: tim-paine-was-visibly-unhappy.jpg]

Australia opener Matthew Wade has called for consistency over DRS calls after Tim Paine's dismissal on the third day of the Boxing Day Test sparked a debate over commentary and social media. The Australia captain was adjudged caught-behind off Ravindra Jadeja following a referral from India. Although HotSpot showed no evidence of an edge, third umpire Paul Wilson correctly applied regulations and overturned the on-field decision when Real Time Snicko (RTS) showed a spike when ball passed bat.

Wade's call for uniformity in rule application stems from a decision on Day 2 when Cheteshwar Pujara was adjudged not-out under similar cirumstances. There however, the opinion had been that the murmur on RTS was of bat clipping the pad.

"From what I've seen it looked pretty similar to the first ball of yesterday, the one that we actually referred, I think it was off Pujara," Wade said after the day's play. "So from all reports and what I've seen, Snicko probably showed a very similar thing, so one was given out and one was given not out. That's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes, but that's what it looked like from where we've been sitting and watching.

"I heard a noise on the Pujara one, I was at first slip at the time, and his bat was the only thing out there, and then we saw what you guys saw on the ground, which was a small spike. Either way if it was out or not out, consistency is all you want as a player," he added.

Incidentally, ahead of the 2013-14 Ashes, the ICC had clarified that a mark on HotSpot would be conclusive evidence enough to make a decision. In the absence of evidence on HotSpot - as in the Paine dismissal - Snicko would be used to arrive at the decision. On Channel Seven, host broadcaster Simon Taufel elaborated on the decision making process for the third umpire.

"There's a number of things the third umpire is working through under his conclusive evidence protocols," Taufel said. "The first thing is, is there a deviation? That's normally the first thing they look for. The second thing is, if there's no deviation apparent, the redundancy in the protocol looks at the Hot Spot, and if there's no Hot Spot they can determine as conclusive then the further protocol is to go to RTS.

"If the ball is next to the bat while there is a spike, as the ball goes past the bat, or up to one frame past the bat, that is deemed to be conclusive evidence that the ball has hit the bat."

Paine's dismissal in the final session of the third day's play at the MCG saw the hosts lose three wickets from 1 run, decisively turning the match in India's favour. Wade acknowledged that India's discipline and their straight lines had proved to be their undoing despite the pitch easing out to favour batting.

"Hard to get going, they are bowling pretty well, pretty straight and making it hard for us to score. Yeah they are making it quite challenging times. To be fair we haven't got them deep enough yet to cash in on tired bowlers late in the day so we've only got ourselves to blame yeah but they've been pretty much on the money right from the start, he said.

"No complaints on the wicket, did more probably in the first innings when we batted obviously. Can't really complain too much about the wicket. Got some disappointing outs , myself included. You know getting out to spin can be frustrating sometime when you've done a heap of work. That's how cricket goes. Every now and then there's some a bit of nip from the seam bowlers, every now and then there's a bit of spin and nothing you wouldn't be able to counter as a batter."


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