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Update WhatsApp security issue: How to check if you are safe on WhatsApp

Earlier this month, WhatsApp was facing backlash for putting its users’ privacy at risk. The Facebook-owned company faced criticism for the Pegasus spyware breach. Earlier this year, the popular messaging app was reportedly used to hack into the devices of around 1,400 users worldwide. Now, Facebook has issued a severe security warning for both Android and iOS WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp discovered that a specially-crafted malicious MP4 file may put users vulnerable to malware attacks. Hackers can use the vulnerability to deploy the malware on the user’s device. They can steal sensitive files and snoop on them — the way an Israeli software Pegasus developed by cyber intelligence company NSO Group did by exploiting the video calling system. It successfully snooped on 1,400 selected users globally and in India, including human rights activists and journalists.

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