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Update iOS 14 closer look: Home screen widgets, App Library, Clips and all the top features

If you have an iPhone 6S and above, you should definitely be excited. Apple has announced iOS 14 (at WWDC 2020) and with it we’re seeing definite signs of change in the way Cupertino likes to do things. Apple, a company known for its closely guarded ecosystem(s), seems ready to open up finally, giving iPhone users some much needed flexibility in software, like their Android counterparts. As such, iOS 14 may mark the biggest shift in strategy for Apple in a long, long time.

This starts with the home screen. Thanks to iOS 14, the iPhone can now support widgets. Apple is even going ahead and making it easier to pick and drop widgets to the home screen through features like widget gallery and smart stack, both of which are designed to curate relevant widgets for you. Like Android, widgets in iOS 14 will also come in different sizes. There’s also a new App Library view in iOS 14 that automatically organizes all your apps into categories and lists. This is also updated depending on app usage. Similar to Android’s app drawer approach, App Library will also (finally) allow iPhone users to hide apps from their home screen.

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